Looking for housing in or near Venice, Florida

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Looking for housing in or near Venice, Florida

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I recently retired (my wife took early retirement several years ago), and we are planning to move back to the U.S. soon, after 26 years of living in Europe.

We are interested in buying a condominium. My wife's closest friend and her husband just bought a condo in Venice, Florida, and we would like to be near them. However, their budget is considerably higher than ours.

Which other cities or towns in the area could we consider?


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Re: Looking for housing in or near Venice, Florida

Post by bonfireofthevanities »

My folks live in Osprey, which is about 20 minutes north of Venice and about the same distance south of Sarasota. You can find a bit more bang for your buck there and Laurel/Nokomis, but I know it is growing at an extremely rapid pace and prices have been rising. Anything east of US 41 is cheaper given the availability of more land out there, but you're giving up easy beach access.
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Re: Looking for housing in or near Venice, Florida

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Florida is a very interesting state for real estate. If you live on the coasts you can count on two things: crowds and hurricanes. One thing you will have all across the state is heat. If you plan to be a full time resident then the area you are looking at will have a lot of part time residents (snowbirds) in the winter months. This makes everything more crowded during the winter months including stores, restaurants, beaches, attractions, activities (typically beginning in October and through April). Hurricanes are a fact of life, but the further inland you go the less risk and cost for insurance.

You didn’t give a lot of details for what you are looking for and planned activities. If you are willing to look further north and inland there are lots of opportunities for very nice lifestyles in 55+ communities. The further north in the state it does get a little cooler in the winter but overall the weather is nice across the state in winter. If you have never been there I encourage you to check out The Villages northwest of Orlando. It is a very interesting place. Spending a few days there on a lifestyle visit is something else. Just the size and amount of activities with golf carts whizzing around is something to see.

I am retired and living in Florida now, I also grew up in the state so have seen a lot of change. If you have specific questions or want to discuss further just send a PM. Good luck on your journey, and may you find good health and happiness.
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Re: Looking for housing in or near Venice, Florida

Post by dollarsansense »

If being oceanside is not important, certainly check out Lakewood Ranch, FL. The area is booming with homebuilding, while there are some traffic concerns the community is really pristine and has all the amenities.
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Re: Looking for housing in or near Venice, Florida

Post by DesertDiva »

We have friends in Englewood (just south of Venice).

They like the area and were able to purchase new construction at a reasonable price.
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Re: Looking for housing in or near Venice, Florida

Post by MAJIC9 »

if you want to rent first, i got a house in Venice available now... (annual rent)
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