Work Monitoring Purchases

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Work Monitoring Purchases

Post by black_knight_32 »

Had a unique conversation with supervisor the other week that I’ve been stewing on. Supervisor said purchases made at company by employees are “monitored” and the comment was that I’m not spending enough at the company stores.

Is this normal?

I was pretty offended and didn’t know how to react.

Thoughts on how to handle this?
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Re: Work Monitoring Purchases

Post by 000 »

I would not work at such a place any longer than I had to.
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Re: Work Monitoring Purchases

Post by annu »

Why dont you buy in cash or tell them you do buy with cash. And can always return after showing receipts once or twice. It is a job and while you find something better, why not pay them back in kind as what they are asking is totally not fair, so why be fair to folks like this
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Re: Work Monitoring Purchases

Post by Brianmcg321 »

Never heard of this. How would they know?
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Re: Work Monitoring Purchases

Post by Doctor Rhythm »

Not only is it “not normal” but that’s really...strange. By “company store”, I assume your company runs some kind of retail business, as opposed to the old school definition of a store intended for company employees to spend their salary on. But then I’d have to ask the same question as Brianmcg321: how would they know?

Can you tell us what the company store sells that you’re not purchasing with adequate fervor? Also, are you being paid with gift cards?
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Re: Work Monitoring Purchases

Post by oscarsonthepond »

Very odd. Unless it's a tiny "mom and pop" type place, I would think this person was bluffing and they aren't actually monitoring.
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Re: Work Monitoring Purchases

Post by adestefan »

Sounds like you don’t have enough flair. I’d also be updating the resume after that conversation.
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Re: Work Monitoring Purchases

Post by Flyer24 »

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