COVID Dispute Reimbursements: Amex v. Chase

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COVID Dispute Reimbursements: Amex v. Chase

Post by Cruise » Fri Jul 31, 2020 2:28 pm

Although I have an Amex Plat, I typically charge most things on my Chase cards. In the past, when filing a dispute on a charge, I have had good responses from Chase.

Post-pandemic, I've filled disputes with Chase for cruise fares and a Ticketmaster charge. The Cruise fares were ultimately resolved by the cruise line. Ticketmaster has been a bear to get a refund from. They have only reimbursed half of a charge. After months of trying to get the rest of my refund, my dispute with Chase has gone to a "special team." Silence.

Specifically, any one have better luck with Ticketmaster reimbursements using a chargeback dispute? Generally, how is your experience with charge back disputes with Amex vs. Chase?


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