What services do you subscribe and pay monthly?

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What services do you subscribe and pay monthly?

Post by bo105954027 »

I have a bunch of subscriptions which I feel fairly worthwhile and happy to be charged every month :-)

iCloud storage 50G ($1/mo):

I use iPhone and iPad. Due to their notoriously limited capacity, I pay $1 per month for 50G iCloud storage. All my photos taken are automatically uploaded to iCloud, freeing my local precious space for Apps installed. I may upgrade to the $3/mo 200G plan once 50G is full.

YouTube Premium ($10/mo):

I'm a heavy YouTube user. This membership provides some key advantages necessary for me:
1. It eliminates all annoying popup adds during video playing.
2. It allows listen-only mode, which means you can play audios in background while your phone/pad is locked. Some may argue this should be a basic function in almost all music Apps. But the content on YouTube can't be comparable, even its music library alone can beat most music Apps.

Gym ($34/mo): Needless to say, a must for body health and killing night time.

Cricket family plan for 3 with 1 unlimited data ($95/mo): Necessary, and the price is reasonable. Service and reception is OK (not excellent actually).

AMC Stub Insider (free): which allows me to watch movies with very low price ($6.4 for non-IMAX or Dolby) every Tuesday. It saves me hundreds of dollars a year.

Apartment, Gas, Electricity (variable).

I don't have cable or Netflex. I don't play Steam or other console games. Those are pretty much all services I subscribe. Would you like to share or recommend some of yours? :beer
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Re: What services do you subscribe and pay monthly?

Post by runner3081 »

Cell Phones:
RedPocket $3.01 (500 Min, 500 Text, 500MB)
Tello: $6.00 (1GB Data - use w/Google Voice)

High Speed Internet: $44.99

AAA: $142 yearly (11.83/month)

Electricity, water, sewer, garbage and natural gas (combined $255 per month)

Auto, flood, home and umbrella insurance should technically be included - 162.92 per month

Life insurance 1.5m total - 54.17/month.

That is it. No gym membership, Costco, Amazon Prime, Netflix or other monthly subscriptions.
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Re: What services do you subscribe and pay monthly?

Post by bloom2708 »

I might not want to see all these in one place...

1. Apple Music $14.99 (Family plan, 6 people use this)
2. iCloud storage $2.99 (6 iPhones and 5 iPads)
3. Netflix
4. CBS All Access (on and off, not necessary, dropped)
5. Playstation Vue $54.99 (Core package)
6. Amazon Prime (not monthly, useful but have considered dropping)
7. Costco (not monthly, useful but have considered dropping)
8. Cricket Wireless - 5 Unlimited lines with Tethering, $160/month
9. Cable Internet 100mb - $59.95 (I would switch to the competitor to get the new customer bonus for 6 months)

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Re: What services do you subscribe and pay monthly?

Post by GatorFL »

1. Internet service: $68 / month
2. Sprint plan for 4 phones (includes Hulu): $130 /month
3. HOA (which covers cable TV, trash removal, tennis, pool): $145 /month
4. Netflix Premium: $17.00 /month
5. Amazon Prime: $120 per year
6. Pool Service: $80 / month
7. Lawn Service: $80 / month

$6,360 per year.

I consider 1,2,3,6,7 to be required, although I am planning on reducing the sprint bill when I move from 4 to 2 lines.

Depressing to list all of these subscriptions. I think I was happier back in the 70's with no subscriptions.

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Re: What services do you subscribe and pay monthly?

Post by Kagord »

1. Wired Phone - $0 (google voice + OBi200)
2. Cable - $0/month (just have terrestrial and some linux PC recording servers)
3. Cell - $60/month for kids/wife (mint mobile 4 lines, unlimited text/talk, 3GB per line data), I have a free work cell with plan
4. Netflix - $9/month
5. Amazon Prime, mainly for shipping - $10/month
6. Costco - $5/month
7. Cable Internet $55/month
8. XBox Live (for son) - $5/month
9. Utils $200-$300/month
10. Amex Centrurion card for each member in family- $1000/month (just kidding, hehe)
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