Insur pd bill 1 yr after I paid in full, FSA involved

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Insur pd bill 1 yr after I paid in full, FSA involved

Post by ForeverMom » Tue Sep 10, 2019 12:11 pm

There are a lot of details about which probably don’t make a difference in the end so I’ll leave them out for now.

Here’s what happened:

1. March, 2018 medical expense was incurred for approx $800. Insurance discount brought it down from $1200 although they determined this was an out of network doctor, thus triggering out of network deductible (Large specialty group with multiple locations. Not all doctors are in network at all locations. This specific service was provided at the group’s hospital.)

2. June, 2018 I paid $800 with credit card (cash back rewards!) then submit to FSA, which reimbursed me for the $800.

3. August, 2019. Through no initiation of my own, the insurance company adjusted the claim. They now say the doctor was in network, so the bill should have only been $400. They just now paid the doctor $320, determining our share is/was/should have been $80. (Which would have made sense at the time—20% of the cost.)

The numbers above are not exact but the doctor’s office is in the process of issuing a refund for hundreds of dollars to me.

If this occurred within the same calendar year, I understand you just put the money back into the FSA. But we’re now a year later. How does this work?

If it makes any difference, we still had $1000s in unreimbursed, undeducted medical expenses in 2018 even though we had maxed the FSA.

I imagine that I will need to pay taxes on this money?

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Re: Insur pd bill 1 yr after I paid in full, FSA involved

Post by Silk McCue » Tue Sep 10, 2019 5:27 pm

I believe that some things aren’t worth spending your time trying to put a perfect bow on. It sounds as though these monies could have been applied to other 2018 expenses had they still been in the account. Based on this, I would deposit the refund check when you receive it and move on.


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