Interview advice needed - specific question around departure from company

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Interview advice needed - specific question around departure from company

Post by Stick5vw » Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:52 am

Dear bogleheads: Some may recall my prior post (viewtopic.php?f=2&t=269520) discussing a move back to the USA after 10+ years overseas with a MNC.

Ultimately as it transpired, the agreement reached was to resign at the end of February, with my last day in the office being at the end of May (and going back to the USA by end of June). They also triple checked that I definitely could not spend another year working overseas, so I didn't get the sense they were desperate to force me out.

In return, there was no severance package of 2 weeks' salary per year worked etc. but they allowed me to keep my RSUs amounting to c. $30k. Plus I can do a relaxed 3-month handover, not burn bridges, collect full salary/benefits for 3 more months (which has been helpful to stockpile cash), and have time to do a job search. No health care or relocation assistance unfortunately. While I did not receive as much as I hoped, this is better than nothing, and it has been a reasonably amicable split in my view.

I am now getting into advanced interview stages with another company in the USA. I've already talked to the hiring manager, one of her team members (both went smoothly), and I am speaking this week with four other people, with more to follow if all goes well. But as ever the process is taking longer than hoped given difficulty scheduling around time zones etc.

My questions: when (if at all) do I tell them that I have technically already resigned from my job, and that I am working out my notice period? I wouldn't necessarily volunteer too much info on this matter, but in my mind it becomes very tricky if an offer is extended close to (or even after) May 31, when I will technically no longer be working. Furthermore I am concerned that I lose some leverage in the discussions if this comes out, or if they conclude I was made redundant as a result - which honestly I was not.

How might you approach this if you were in my shoes and going through interviews?

Please note the job would be in a VHCOL location on the West Coast, so I will simply walk away if they lowball me for any reason (if we get that far). Hopefully they are willing to pay if they feel I'm the right one for the job. That I'm moving back to the USA "no matter what" because it's best for my family hopefully shouldn't impact their view of my candidacy, although I know this may be too optimistic.

Hope that all makes sense. I may be overthinking this but I just want to get my head in the right place for the upcoming discussions.


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Re: Interview advice needed - specific question around departure from company

Post by thx1138 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 9:10 am

I don't see why you need to get into too many specifics. If it gets to talking about start dates I'd say something along the lines that personally you are pretty flexible but you also want to make sure you don't leave your current employer hanging and so some transition period might be necessary. Ask them how soon they'd like you to start and indicate roughly a time period you think you can leave your employer.

A decent employer realizes that you will eventually leave their organization and so usually they are happy to wait a little bit so you can leave things in a good clean state at your current employer.

The fact that you already have an end date doesn't need to be disclosed unless you think there is value in doing so.

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Re: Interview advice needed - specific question around departure from company

Post by MittensMoney » Mon Apr 15, 2019 9:34 am

Just tell them the truth, succinctly, and then answer follow up questions if they ask any. Moving back to the US for family reasons is a great reason to leave a job, and the fact that you're working an extended period to successfully transition your role onto others within the firm indicates that it's an amicable split. If I heard this story I'd take it at face value and it wouldn't raise any red flags. You've got nothing to hide here. Also, I'm surprised they haven't already asked you about it given you're in the mid-stages so the question may not even get raised in the first place.

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