Replacing Main car to get better safety features

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Re: Replacing Main car to get better safety features

Post by Utahdogowner » Thu Apr 11, 2019 6:58 pm

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His comments were that every three or four years the safety feature improvements were significant enough to warrant rotating the car for personal use, and if it was for corporate use where corporate exposure could occur they rotated the cars every two years.
Yeah, that's total nonsense.
He is driving 15 and 6 year old cars - the safety features have improved greatly and it is not nonsense.
But it is up to the potential buyer to weigh out the value of these features.
That's not what either of us was responding to. Corporations do not replace cars every two years because of improved safety features.
This one does. But it mostly has teens driving those cars. People above commented that accidents are a function of driving safety, frequency, etc. I won't argue that. My thought, as was my patient's "utter nonsense" reasoning, is that we want to maximize survivability from those accidents. I would also argue some of the features really do reduce likelihood of accidents. As was noted, we were driving 9 and 16yo cars, so the addition of things like back-up cameras alone are likely to pay for themselves pretty easily in the life of the car.

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Re: Replacing Main car to get better safety features

Post by Frisco Kid » Thu Apr 11, 2019 7:04 pm

To me this is one of those perception is reality topics for many. Do newer cars have updated safety features...Yes. Are they nice to have...Yes. Are they a necessity given OP's mileage...probably not. So to me this is a want versus a need. If a persons goal is to always drive a car with the latest and greatest safety features you will be forever upgrading vehicles. Transaction costs alone would be numbing. Kinda akin to having the latest smartphones.
Just my 2 cents worth.

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