Post-tax 401(K) contributions

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Post-tax 401(K) contributions

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I made around $8500 contribution for employer sponsored 401(K) plan for the year 2018. (Not including matching contribution from employer).
This is all pre-tax $$$. Now since the 401(K) contribution limit for 2018 is $18,500, can I contribute balance $10,000 into 401(K) with my after-tax $$$ and claim tax deductions while filing tax returns?
Appreciate your replies.
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Re: Post-tax 401(K) contributions

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No, you cannot contribute towards the 2018 limit now.
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Re: Post-tax 401(K) contributions

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401k contributions for a specific year can only be made from payroll deductions within that calendar year. Contributions cannot be made outside of payroll deductions.
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Re: Post-tax 401(K) contributions

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Besides what was mentioned, a couple of other things need to be clarified.

1. The 18.5k (19k for 2019) limit has nothing to do with it. That is for pretax (deferral) or Roth contributions. If the plan allowed after-tax, then it doesn't take up any of that space. You could contribute all that the plan allows up to the plan max of 55k/56k.

2. After-tax contributions are not tax-deductible. You wouldn't lower 2018 taxes. The value of after-tax is being able to convert to Roth with minimal taxes.
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