Recommendations for Finding DI Agents

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Recommendations for Finding DI Agents

Post by eriketmatis » Wed Dec 05, 2018 2:03 pm

Hi all-

I'm hoping to purchase individual disability insurance and was wondering if folks have general tips on how to find and select a good and independent DI agent (or if there are recommended ones that can be privately messaged). Not sure if relevant, but am based in NYC and work in a desk job (not medical). Some general questions include (feel free to answer just some!):

-Tactically speaking, how do you recommend finding a reputable and independent DI agent? If it's just a quick Google search (and I remain skeptical of this approach but am happy to be corrected), is the location of the agent important beyond being able to meet him/her in person? Are there meaningful differentiators among agents (e.g., certifications, average # of DI policies sold per year) that I should be aware of and that I can ask agents?

-How much variability should I expect in the quotes provided by different agents for the same policy? In other words, is it best practice to source quotes from multiple agents, or is it generally sufficient to just work with a single but reputable agent?

-Finally, has anyone had experience using online insurance brokers like PolicyGenius? What are some of the pros / cons of using online brokers?


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