If You Are Unhappy with the Newport Group's Statements

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If You Are Unhappy with the Newport Group's Statements

Post by planahead » Mon Nov 12, 2018 4:40 am

If you had a 403(b) account with Vanguard last year and were moved to the Newport Group in November 2017, you may find this helpful.

I have been very unhappy with the lack of information provided by the Newport Group's statements,and after spending a lot of time on their website, I have found a way to access a lot of the information that I used to get from Vanguard when Vanguard itself was our 403(b) servicer. I believe that anyone with a Vanguard 403(b) account that is serviced by Newport can access that information too. It isn't easy, but you can get details about individual transactions in a comma-delimited file that you can import to a spreadsheet. Here are the instructions for how to get that information if you can either get into Vanguard or get to Newport's Dashboard some other way:
  • Log into Vanguard
    Go to the Balances and Holdings page
    Click on the "Go to my 403(b) plan for details" (You 'll end up at the "Dashboard" for Newport)
    Click on Transactions rectangle, then click on "See Transaction History"
    Click on the plus sign labeled "Show Filter"
    Select the time frame you want, then click "Retrieve Transactions"
    Click on "Download History", and scroll to the bottom of that menu
    Select "Comma Delimited"
I would suggest that you download and import all of last year's transactions from October on, then all of this year's because it seems that there is only access to two years of data. That may simply be because of the date of Newport's takeover of the accounts, but if having complete records is of interest to you, you may not want to take the chance that you won't be able to access the information from last year at a later date.

Starting with my last Vanguard statement, and using the downloaded file from Newport, I was able to see in detail what has happened to my funds since Newport took over. I have every fee and every dividend. There are even some corrections that have never been mentioned to me by anyone.

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