Disability Benefits Consultants

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Disability Benefits Consultants

Post by fiseek77 » Mon Oct 22, 2018 1:11 pm

Long time lurker. I want to get the wisdom of the fellow bogleheads who might have a similar situation.

I have an autistic child who is 17 years now. I want to be prepared for what comes next. I want to avail the disability benefits for my child once he turns 18. I have done some research on my own but want to get services of a benefits consultant (if one exists) so that I get a full understanding of federal and state benefits.

THis will also help if have to make a decision to relocate to a different state. I don't think I need an attorney as there is nothing to file a case for.
I want a person who can navigate the federal and state benefits understand the language and can let me know what we are eligible for.

What is the best way to find such a consultant or a website where I can get more information?

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