Could I dip into both my FSA and my spouse's FSA and HRA?

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Could I dip into both my FSA and my spouse's FSA and HRA?

Post by holyvatican » Tue Jul 24, 2018 2:54 pm

My plan:

Regular PPO/Healthcare FSA
My FSA annual contribution: $2,650

My spouses' plan:
HDHP with Health Reimbursement Account (not HSA)
Her employer will contribute: $2,500/yr for individual plan and $5,000/yr for family plan to HRA (contribution amount equals the deductible)
Her FSA maximum contribution: $2,650 (she doesn't contribute to FSA at the moment)

Let's assume that I have a medical procedure that I may need to schedule for next year - in that case, can I:

1. be signed up for her plan in the next open enrollment period
2. use both my insurance & her insurance ( as a spouse) for my procedure
3. use $2,650 from my FSA for my procedure
4. use $2,650 from her FSA for my procedure (you can use your FSA for your spouse, right?)
5. use $5,000 from her HRA for my procedure?

or.... am I missing something here?

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