Dependent care FSA issue

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Dependent care FSA issue

Post by corts » Sun Jun 17, 2018 1:18 pm

So here's the story.

Getting [taken advantage of --admin LadyGeek] by the provider (Wage works).

I started working at this job in Jan 2017. Eligible to sign up for benefits March 1st 2017 so, like any normal person, I did.

My dependent care contribution period was somehow set in their system to just one month. I however contributed throughout the year (automatice deductions) and didn't notice this until I went to file my claims while doing my taxes (Mid March 2018). I have all the receipts and provider info. Everything is kosher.

My deadline to file any claims was 4/1/2017 (also [messed up --admin LadyGeek]). The benefit plan period was somehow set to last between 3/1/17 to 3/2/17. Yeah, 1 day total.

Their system wouldn't let me file some receipts as they were dated after 3/2/17 which is outside of their plan period.

This is all for plan year 2017 to 2018!

Talking to this California company's Indian based support has been a nightmare with no one knowing what they are doing, having to constantly repeat what the issue is, not having them realize or admit that their system was messed up and then telling me that because I didn't file in time, they won't reimburse even though THEIR system wouldn't let me file because THEIR dates were messed up and denied the filing (outside the date range).

This has been going on since before the actual real deadline expired (April 1st 2018). Their incompetence has dragged it out beyond the deadline basically.

So any ideas where I go from here? Is there anyone or anywhere I can raise this with (the IRS etc) as these guys aren't doing anything to help. My HR folks have got the same run around so I want to try and escalate it somewhere/to someone that wageworks won't be able to ignore.

Thanks for any advice.

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