Selling Company, need advice regarding top of the line Personal CPA and Tax Attorney in the Bay Area

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Selling Company, need advice regarding top of the line Personal CPA and Tax Attorney in the Bay Area

Post by Quantum » Sun May 06, 2018 2:28 pm

I am selling my startup and am going through an M&A, and I need recommendations for top CPA and Tax lawyers in the California Bay Area. I would prefer those who work with founders or high net worth individuals, and who have helped members of the forum.

Although we have a good set of lawyers and accountants on both sides structuring the deal from a business standpoint, soon I will need strong advice and guidance from experts regarding the personal finance aspects of the deal.

The reason I am looking for this type of help is that I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.
The amount I will receive in the M&A, all cash, is significant, mid to high 7 figures pre tax. I will also get a large bump in pay by the acquiring company. The deal could have double tax penalties, earnout disbursements and other issues regarding moving out of state for work.

Finally, I am going through a divorce that will finalize after the sale. Although my soon to be ex and I have agreed that neither is under any financial obligation to the other (we each walk with our own savings and debt) I want to make sure she is in a good place financially, with a fresh start free of debt, cash and savings and a new car to replace her 6 year old beater.

With all this, I want to optimize what I keep, minimize taxes for myself and my soon to be Ex, and avoid gotchas before even considering how I will allocate my investments of this money.

Thank you for any help and suggestions.
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