HSA Excess Distributions (Tax Filing)

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HSA Excess Distributions (Tax Filing)

Post by Comhaltas » Thu Apr 12, 2018 9:44 pm

In 2017 I over contributed to my HSA. This happened due to only having a HDHP plan for the first half of 2017. I do not have a HDHP plan in 2018, so cannot apply excess to 2018 contributions.

I have successfully requested the excess contribution and interest to be removed from the HSA as an excess contribution. This took place in April 2018, so I have met the requirement of withdrawal of excess contributions prior to 2017 tax filing deadline, however the interest withdrawal was not prior to 12/31/2017 (obviously).

I am confused on how to file Form 8889 correctly. Specifically the distributions, are the excess distributions and interest considered as 2017 distributions or 2018 distributions? Should they be entered on line 14a and 14b? I am using H&R Block and some of my confusion is due to a mini-worksheet related to withdrawn excess contributions - this requests input of excess contributions withdrawn before tax filing deadline and interest on excess contributions but only if withdrawn by 12/31/17. H&R block has left 14a blank and populated 14b with the excess contribution (but not the interest). I have not yet received a 1099-SA and my HSA bank suggested I would not receive one for 2017.

I think my follow-up question will be whether I report these distributions as 2017 or 2018 income?

I will be very grateful for any help on this. Thanks!

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