Federal Employees - Legal Benefit Plan

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Federal Employees - Legal Benefit Plan

Post by Barefootgirl » Thu Mar 29, 2018 11:25 am

I need to have some estate plan documents drafted and completed. Primarily a will and other directives.

My agency has an EAP that includes legal services as a benefit.

Have any of the federal employees (or recent retirees) here availed themselves of similar services offered by their agencies? can anyone here attest to the quality/competency of the legal professionals typically associated with these plans?

Thank you.
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Re: Federal Employees - Legal Benefit Plan

Post by Cobra Commander » Thu Mar 29, 2018 1:34 pm

You should confirm whether the EAP includes estate planning documents, it probably does not. Usually the EAP covers a consultation and may provide a discount (10%-20%) on future services from that lawyer.

I used the EAP once for an issue and I was disappointed that I knew more about that area of law than the attorney I was referred to. While I am a lawyer that subject is not my practice area although I did read several practitioners guides on the subject prior to the consultation. The attorney I was referred to was a general practitioner and he did not have the specialized knowledge my questions required.

My agency offers Hyatt legal plans and I used that to get my estate planning documents prepared. IMO many of the lawyers that are part of those services are lower quality although there are a handful that are good. Look for someone who has been in practice for several years, conducts the majority of their practice in estate planning and possibly someone that has written publications in the estate planning area.

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