Questions on 2017 TaxAct Download version

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Questions on 2017 TaxAct Download version

Post by Saving$ » Sun Mar 04, 2018 12:54 pm

For anyone that has the download version of TaxAct, or anyone else who knows:
1. Are there any coupons available for the download product?
2. Are you able to access forms that are not included in the interview, or are all of those forms somehow locked out? Specifically, if you have the Plus product, can you go to the forms list on the left and fill out additional forms such as Schedule C, even though the interview does not lead you through the related questions?


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Re: Questions on 2017 TaxAct Download version

Post by harmony » Sun Mar 04, 2018 4:03 pm

We hardly ever use the interview questions, so we always get the download version of TaxAct so we can get right to work on the forms. For 2017, I first ordered Plus, but when I couldn’t get a Schedule C to load up, I called TaxAct and they said that if I need to do a Schedule C I would need to get Freelancer. This is what we did and Schedule C, the form, opened right up. I told the rep that in the past all of the forms were available regardless of the version purchased. If I recall, he said this had now been changed for 2017.

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