Form 8615 Kiddie Tax Discrepancy - TurboTax HRBlock

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Form 8615 Kiddie Tax Discrepancy - TurboTax HRBlock

Post by FrankTheFlower » Sat Feb 17, 2018 3:10 pm


Total newbie here. Puzzling situation, looking for insight.

Child between 19-24, in college w unearned income, expect 8615 to apply. And indeed desktop TurboTax generates an 8615. We've used HRBlock online Free for kids before because it was very easy to enter and file both federal and state. But I cannot get HRB to generate the 8615 or show why it won't. I even tried reducing child's age to 16 and giving significantly more unearned dividend income.

The sensible and safe option seems to be to go with TurboTax which is doing what I expect (first time using TurboTax in 10+ years so not totally savvy). But I am wondering if HRB has some insight that I am lacking, and wanted to ask before forking out the extra tax payment. I've double-checked everything e.g. child is claimed as dependent on parent's return (not seeing separate question about 50% support this year in HRB).

Thanks in advance!!

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