Retirement Calculator

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Retirement Calculator

Post by Jordan_E » Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:32 am

Hi Everyone,

I just finished reading the Bogleheads book and it inspired me to join this forum and put together a retirement calculator which is available for anyone that's interested here: ... 1950752341

I did some research on asset allocation and came across a Morningstar guideline which gives 3 asset allocation profiles for low, average and high levels of equity (which I associate with low, average and high levels of risk respectively). ... lebook.pdf

The user input data is listed at the top of the spreadsheet. Changing the inputs will update the projected annual earnings from investment with respect to the 3 different risk profiles. The results are plotted on a graph and summarized in a table at the top of the spreadsheet. Detailed calculations for the 3 different profiles follow below the graph. All calculations are done in terms of present value and are therefore inflation adjusted. I tried to capture the volatility of the 3 different risk profiles by using generic error bars.

I'd love some feedback on what I've put together and am happy to clarify/modify/discuss what I've done. Hopefully someone out there finds this useful.

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