Purchase on ebay

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Purchase on ebay

Post by Good Listener » Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:34 pm

Hi, I have never bought anything at eBay before but a friend suggested I try and I did. I wanted to get a Google home device which you may know retails for $130. We looked at eBay and there was a seller selling absolutely new ones at $81. This was without an auction, a fixed price. I ordered Sunday and it arrived today. It clearly is totally new. What was confusing is that my credit card was appropriately charged the $81 on Sunday to a name name that belonged to the seller. Fine. But the package came from Lowe's fulfillment center. The invoice was from Lowe's. It indicated that it was ordered by me and sent to me. It indicated a Visa card last four digits that have no relationship to me. And finally it indicated a retail price of $129 plus tax. I looked at all my credit card accounts and there is no such charge from Lowe's. I'm totally confused. Did the seller order from Lowes for $135 and sell it to me for $81?

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Re: Purchase on ebay

Post by MikeG62 » Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:44 pm

My guess is that in your case the seller had a Lowe's gift card they could not otherwise use, so they monetized $81 of it through the transaction with you (i.e., they gave up $135 of their gift card balance in exchange for $81 cash - representing 60 cents on the dollar). I would not have done it, but I probably have more use for a Lowe's card than the seller does.
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Re: Purchase on ebay

Post by runner3081 » Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:55 pm

Sellers using vendors for drop shipping on eBay or Amazon is not new. That is likely what happened here, but more curious is why the seller did this.

Since there was a visa number on there, that could mean a couple of things.

1) Some Lowe's have been running clearance deals on this, they might have picked it up cheaper and made a profit (These have been as low as $84 at Lowe's very recently with coupons looking at Slick Deals)
2) Stolen credit card
3) Seller is going to file bankruptcy soon and is running their cards in an effort to "cash out" before filing
4) They had a coupon that provided a large discount and they still made a profit
5) As someone else mentioned, used a gift card for most of it and then paid a few bucks with Visa to cover the GC to item price.

One crazy, but possible example. Bought a Lowe's GC for a discount, bought the Google device, used a coupon. Some people only look to break even use a bit if they are churning CC sign up bonuses.

Some other combination of the above could be possible as well.

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