Federal LTC Inflation Protection

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Federal LTC Inflation Protection

Post by Snezz1e » Thu Jun 01, 2017 1:04 pm

I already have all my other insurance needs covered (Life/Disability/Umbrella). I currently max all tax advantaged accounts (TSP/Roth/HSA) and have a large emergency fund. Only debt is a 15 year mortgage. Current savings and pension is enough to replace over 100% of my income in retirement so I don't think I need to save anymore. There is likely enough for me to self-insure some LTC cost but I'm somewhat risk adverse so I'm thinking of signing up for the Federal LTC plan to cover some potential costs.

I'm trying to decide if I should be getting the inflation protection option or not. I'm 30 year old and the two options I'm looking at is:

$100 daily benefit
Unlimited Benefit Period
4% automatic compound inflation
$1,304 year

$450 daily benefit
Unlimited Benefit Period
Future Purchase Option

The premiums are not the same and I can't make them the same since $100 is the minimum coverage and $450 is the max. However if $450 wasn't the max then the $1,304 premium would pay for about $568 daily benefit under the FPO plan. I'll use this number for comparison purposes.

Right now I like the FPO plan for the higher coverage now. At 4% growth the $100 will grow to $568 in about 45 years (age 75). This means that If I had to use this plan for any reason before 75 I would have better coverage under the FPO plan. Something like a serious accident 10 years from now requiring LTC means I have $568/day coverage under the FPO plan and only $148/day under the ACI plan.

The FPO plan also offers some more flexibility. The $568 is more than the actual cost of care now so I would likely reject the offered increases in the future (federal plan allows unlimited rejects without disqualifying from future increases). However, if in the future I developed a health issue that make it likely to require LTC then I can start accepting the FPO offers. Otherwise I will continue rejecting future increases and self insure for costs above what they will cover.

I know if at 75 I had no claims I would be better off with the ACI but it seems I'm giving up a lot.

Now I know premiums are not guaranteed but with the recent 83% increase I'm hoping they have better estimates now to prevent such substantial increases again. I'm also assuming that any future increases will be equal percentage wise between the two plans.

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Re: Federal LTC Inflation Protection

Post by delamer » Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:51 pm

You are too young for LTC insurance. Save the premiums in a separate fund if you feel that need to address it.

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