Insurance: To what extent does company matter

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Insurance: To what extent does company matter

Post by bb »

Currently have auto through State Farm. Another company is quoting 30% less.
Granted we are not talking large sums of money here.

I have never put in an auto claim. To what extent does it matter which company
is behind your car insurance and if it really matters how would you go about
deciding which company is "better" - seems like a google search turns up
complaints no matter which company you pick.
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Re: Insurance: NY Central Mutual vs State Farm

Post by MoneyBagsRx »

This probably isn't much help. My insurance broker led me to NYCM after having a tough time with USAA (I know, not the norm with USAA). I never heard of NYCM at that time. She assured me it's a big name for my area (Upstate NY). Only claims experience was for a cracked windshield. Relatively simple. However, if I was ever in a crash, I expect my agent to do most of the leg work.
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Re: Insurance: To what extent does company matter

Post by boglerdude »

Amica, USAA and Chubb are top rated in customer service. If the prices are close, use them.

If they're much more expensive...could go with someone cheaper but dont make small claims that they might nickel and dime you over. Plus, claims raise your rates.
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Re: Insurance: To what extent does company matter

Post by Andymoler58 »

It matters a whole lot who the carrier is. You get what you pay for when you buy insurance. It's paramount that you use a trusted carrier.

Make sure you have quality home insurance. Allstate is terrible.

For car insurance, I would stick with State Farm. Some of these cheapo insurance company's will really try and do some shoddy work if something happens to your car.
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