Questions about 529

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Questions about 529

Postby A_C_E » Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:20 pm

For a hypothetical family of 4-2 parents and 2 kids:
1. Both husband and wife can contribute 14 k to each kids account so each kid ends up with 28k and each parent contributed a total of 28 k without any gift taxes right?
2. If the parents choose to lump sum , the total would be 280k- 140k per kid between the two parents?
3. If there is a state tax benefit, it is only in the year contributed. So for a state that allows a 4K deductible, it is better to lump sum a large part in first year and then a smaller amount each following year over the next 4 years so one can still benefit from the tax deduction? How would I know what the optimal upfront and yearly amounts are? Also, if both parents contribute to two kids in the above example, would the total deduction be 16k i.e. 4K x 2 parents x 2 kids or is it capped at 4K?
4. Can both parents contribute to the same 529 or should there be two 529s for two kids? If one account suffices how would each person keep track of the contributions?
5. Lastly, if the kids grand parents live in another country and want to contribute to a 529 with uesp or vanguard, how can this be done? Does it still have to stay in the 14 k limit? Can they do it through the parents 529 account or should they open a new 529 account? And can each grand parent and each parent contribute 70k per kid for a total of 280k per kid and 560k for both kids? Does this change if grandparents live in the US ? Any tax implications?
Thank you!

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Re: Questions about 529

Postby A_C_E » Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:18 pm

If the questions are complex can anyone tell me whom to ask? Uesp doesn't know even. Nor does My accountant.

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Re: Questions about 529

Postby ModifiedDuration » Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:48 pm

I have had a 529 help me send three kids to college, so I will take a shot at it for you:

1) Yes, 28K per child between the two parents each year without gift tax (or using a portion of your lifetime $5.45 million exclusion).
2) Correct, but just remember that you can then make no gifts to either child over the next 5 years without using a portion of your lifetime $5.45 million exclusion.
3) I assume that it depends on the state. Since you refer to the UESP, I assume that you are in Utah. Utah allows a 5% credit for 4k for a married couple for each beneficiary, so between you and your spouse you could contribute up to 8K a year and get the credit.
4) We set-up a 529 for each parent, but I don't know that you really need to do that.
5) I do not know how it would work if the grandparents are citizens of another country.

Good luck!

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Re: Questions about 529

Postby EATaxGuy » Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:56 pm

3. In Virginia you can deduct $4,000 per account to which you've contributed from your Virginia income taxes. If you contributed more than that the unused deduction carries over until it is used. If you are over 70 there is no annual limit to the deduction. Virginia grandparents can go buck wiley on a 529. :shock:

5. The states have maximum limits on 529 accounts - a level above which contributions are no longer allowed. Check with your state to know whether you'd be brushing up against those limits.
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Re: Questions about 529

Postby goodenyou » Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:15 pm

A_C_E wrote:If the questions are complex can anyone tell me whom to ask? Uesp doesn't know even. Nor does My accountant.
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