When should you replace a vehicle?

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Re: When should you replace a vehicle?

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Congrats on the purchase. You will like the Highlander.

You did what is completely "normal". You (perhaps) wanted a new/newer vehicle, started shopping and purchased (within a few days). Whether you had saved up the money or not, purchase complete. The American way. I won't tell Dave Ramsey. :wink:

You will be paying for the new car for a few years. Once that is done, start saving for your next car purchase. 7-10 years is probably much more realistic than 12-15 years for a different car. Who knows what technology or changes will be upcoming. Save some :moneybag for that next purchase.
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Re: When should you replace a vehicle?

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Like others, we have two cars and stagger our purchases, we typically keep cars for 8-10 years. Most modern cars are good for 200K miles, some can go much longer if you're willing to absorb major maintenance.

We're frugal, but I will NOT put my wife on the road with an older car, she drives the newer of our two vehicles - I insist.

It sounds like your wife is more than reasonable, unless you can't afford it - I'd buy her a new car without discussion if she asked me. YMMV

[edit: congrats on the new-to-you Highlander, it should give you many years of reliable service.]
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Re: When should you replace a vehicle?

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jayhawkerbeef wrote:Forever, unless the cost of repair greatly outweighs the cost of buying another one, in the meantime, save up for when that time occurs.
+1. Mine is almost 400k but I have not thought of giving it up yet. If you take care of it well, it will take care of you.
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