Free x-plan

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Free x-plan

Post by blood_donor » Sun Jun 08, 2008 12:56 am

I'm a Ford employee (engineering) and I have some x-plan employee discounts to give away to my Diehard friends, or those of you who don't doggedly buy used cars :-)

If you are interested in a no-haggle low price on a Ford/Lincoln/Mercury/Volvo/Mazda, drop me a PM. Offers like cash back will still be valid on top of the x-plan price.

And before you go off on how Hondas are a better investment (heh), go check out the latest JD Power studies.

I personally drive a Fusion with the 2.3L I4 and a manual transmission. I get about 28mpg in mixed driving (good for a mid-sized car), no problems, and it handles very well.

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Post by ilovedogs » Sun Jun 08, 2008 6:12 am

I'm holding onto my 8 year old Honda for at least another 7 years, perhaps 12 more.

But consider yourself kind and generous, because it's very nice of you to offer discounts to people who could use them.

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Post by TnGuy » Sun Jun 08, 2008 4:02 pm

As one who has already taken 'blood_donor' up on one of his very kind offers (last year), I can personally attest to his generosity. Thank you again.

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