New (for me) book

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New (for me) book

Post by denismurf »

I just learned that a guy who teaches personal finance to adults at a local community college, Lewis Mandell, wrote a book on investing after retirement a couple of years ago. Title is What To Do When I Get Stupid. The title alone caused me to read the reviews on Amazon.

Has anyone here already read it? Appraisals?
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Re: New (for me) book

Post by Liberty1100 »

Here's a link for faster discussion, What to Do When I Get Stupid: A Radically Safe Approach to a Difficult Financial Era.

I have never heard of it. Based on the 24 reviews, I don't think many have. I would think the information found in this book might be less than we might pick up on this forum and wiki, but I could consider this book for a friend who doesn't get it and needs something to understand the basics. I will have to do more research.
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