Is TIAA-CREF one of the "good guys"?

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Re: Is TIAA-CREF one of the "good guys"?

Post by livesoft » Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:04 pm

siahus wrote:In this day and age, if they do video chat with clients, they should advertise it, or ask me when I make an appt if I would like it!
I think they sent me an e-mail or something with a statement or maybe in their "In the Vanguard" monthly newsletter? I don't know how well their video chat features even works.
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Re: Is TIAA-CREF one of the "good guys"?

Post by Jackson12 » Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:27 pm

Careful wrote:
rakamaka wrote:It is easy to invest in TIAA. It is super-difficult to take money out. They will make you running with (printed, missing, numerous) forms to mail or trick you to transfer into 10 year equal pay annuity instead of lumpsum withdrawal at retirement.
Not good while you need money the most.
rakamaka - Are you talking about the restrictions on TIAA Traditional - the guaranteed fund? Or are there difficulties on moving other things out of T-C also?

I'm not aware of the 10-year equal pay annuity vs lumpsum -- could you explain that further? We both have T-C 503Bs (mine is old, and small, spouse's is current and likely to grow larger -- but we could do VG Funds at Spouse's 403B run by T-C...

thanks for clarification!
Do you have TIAA Traditional Or perhaps Retirement Choice guaranteed funds? If so, This Boglehead page explains the 10 year TPA (Transfer Payout Annuity) option. Scroll down the page to see it.

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