New Shutters

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New Shutters

Post by donaldfair71 » Tue May 21, 2013 8:08 pm

Hello All (especially contractors/construction pros),

I am in need of new vinyl shutters on my townhouse. I have purchased them myself, and now need to have them installed. They are basically the exact same shutters as the shutters on the house (the same model/company, just slight stylistic changes that one would never really notice with the naked eye), but updated.

My concern is, what should I be paying a professional to have them installed onto my house? There are 8 total shutters (4 windows, 2 second story windows, 2 ground level windows with 1 set to be placed on vinyl siding, the other 3 on brick). I was quoted a price by my neighbor, who owns a construction company and I trust enough that I will let him do it. But I also want to know if I am getting taken to the cleaners on this for future jobs. Perhaps factor in that I am in northern Virginia, where construction costs are likely higher than 90% of America.

Once a few people chime in with their opinion, I will post what I was quoted. I don't want that skew honest opinions.


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Re: New Shutters

Post by Saving$ » Tue May 21, 2013 8:30 pm

Really depends upon whether or not this includes removing the old ones.

For the ones on the second story, I would figure it will take 20 minutes per leaf (includes dealing with the ladder, relocating it, removing the old, etc.), so 1 hour 20 for the 2nd story.
For the lower level, I would figure 15 minutes each, so 1 hour total first floor.

= 2 hour 20 total + trip time (I know it is your neighbor, etc). = 3 hours

Loaded hourly costs are about $100/hr (insurance, trucks, tools, mgmt, etc.). Supplies are negligible - maybe some tapcons for the brick attachment.

$300. $250 for the neighbor discount (no trip time, etc.)
If the 2nd level is difficult to get to, it might be $400.

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