Massachusetts 1099 HC from Medicare

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Massachusetts 1099 HC from Medicare

Post by Jack FFR1846 »

2023 was my first year on Medicare. As much as I understood that I had to teach my Arizona employer a few years back that although federally, we don't need this anymore, we DO need it in Massachusetts. First part of the year, we were on the employer's plan. No problem. The 1099 HC with it filled out for DW and me from January to June is done. For DW, she took Cobra so she's got that 1099 HC from my former employer. I got nothing from Medicare.

With some companies, I know I can go on their website. I can find nothing on nor anywhere else. Is there a place I need to go to get this form or are they simply dismally late? I have even the very late eTrade and Fidelity tax forms and had hoped I'd see an envelope arrive from Medicare. Could I get this from the local social security office? Heck, I'll gladly drive the 10 miles to pick up a copy and be completely done with tax documents.
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Re: Massachusetts 1099 HC from Medicare

Post by Geologist »

Do you really know Medicare will issue a MA 1099-HC? Massachusetts can pass a law compelling private insurers or employers to issue such a form, but I don't think a Massachusetts law has any effect on an agency of the Federal government.

Googling results in links to statements from employers that Medicare automatically meets the requirements for qualifying health insurance (e.g., ... ax-filings).
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Re: Massachusetts 1099 HC from Medicare

Post by Badinvestor »

The year I transitioned from Obamacare to Medicare, I filled out Mass Form HC as follows:

a) Line 3, checked MCC (minimum creditable coverage) all year

b) Line 4, checked both lines 4a (private insurance) and 4c (Medicare).

c) Line 4f, filled in the name and numbers for my Obamacare provider.

d) Line 5, saw "skip the remainder of this schedule", hooray.

I.e., Medicare was treated specially on Mass Form HC; I hope this doesn't change.
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Re: Massachusetts 1099 HC from Medicare

Post by Chip Munk »

Medicare doesn't issue a 1099 HC and I've never needed one to fill out my Mass tax return. I just answer the questions in that section of Turbo Tax and it responds at some point that since I selected the option that I'm on Medicare, I'm all set.

In the "2023 Schedule HC: Health Care Information / Special Section on Minimum Creditable Coverage" (link provided below) it states:

Other ways of meeting MCC:
You automatically meet MCC if you are enrolled in:
• Medicare Part A or B;

Here's the link to that information: ... s/download
The link was found here: ... structions
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Re: Massachusetts 1099 HC from Medicare

Post by friar1610 »

When I was doing taxes in previous years for AARP Tax Aide (in MA), our software (Tax Slayer) simply wanted to know if the client was on Medicare. If yes, no further questions were asked and no supporting documentation was asked for.
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