Lightweight Gortex Raincoat

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Lightweight Gortex Raincoat

Post by OldSport »

Live in a subtropical gulf coast climate with lots of rain.

What is a good lightweight breathable waterproof Gortex coat that is good in rain.

Only want Gortex as the cheaper stuff make me hot & clammy.

Had an REI Co-op GTX before that worked really well, but it is starting to show its age (it is still fine for hiking & outdoorsy stuff but looks too worm to wear to work or most other places).

At the time that was a splurge at $149. The current version is $169 but reading reviews that the quality control isn't what it used to be, which is extremely disappointing.

Can afford much more now if it will work and last. Needs to be lightweight, Gortex and come in black so can be worn to professional office (business casual office - long sleeve button down shirts & washable dress pants, no suits) without being too out of place.
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Re: Lightweight Gortex Raincoat

Post by ScaledWheel »

You'll have to pay through the nose, but I'm a big fan of Arc'Teryx. I have one of their Gore-Tex shells that I use for biking, skiing, general raincoat, etc.

Only caveat is I always buy from their outlet stores, which is a lot cheaper than the $500 you'd be paying for a shell otherwise.
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Re: Lightweight Gortex Raincoat

Post by cbs2002 »

I do think there are other waterproof/breathable standards worth paying for besides Gore-Tex. Patagonia has its own that works well. It really depends on the specific application rather than the brand of the fabric. I'd be looking at the lightest weight 3-layer, meaning no separate lining that can get wet and stick to your skin, rain jacket available from Patagonia, probably around $200. They used to call it Torrentshell. +1 on Arc'Teryx. You'll look like every other well-off office worker as these brands are ubiquitous now, but that's OK cause they are still very high quality.
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Re: Lightweight Gortex Raincoat

Post by quantAndHold »

My current one is a lightweight ArcTeryx that I got on sale at REI. I agree that if you live somewhere rainy, a good rain jacket is worth every penny.

I would go to REI and talk to the salesperson.
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Re: Lightweight Gortex Raincoat

Post by DSInvestor »

Take a look at REI XeroDry GTX jackets and pants. It is lightweight and Gore-Tex.

The jacket is $169 but if you are a member with REI, use the member coupon to take 20% off.

Link to details of current member coupon:
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Re: Lightweight Gortex Raincoat

Post by Cyclesafe »

My REI shell fell apart after a few wearings. Upgraded to a RAB which also failed, but after a few weeks. Gave up and went full-monty with the heaviest shell Arc'teryx sells. I seem to keep dry, but the shell is bulky, heavy, and was eyewateringly expensive. But it kept me dry hiking through Cyclone Gabrielle in February. Taking it to Scotland in May for 30 days of hiking. For me, lightweight is for emergencies when comfort would be a luxury.
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Re: Lightweight Gortex Raincoat

Post by gatorking »

Another vote for Patagonia Torrentshell ... in-jackets
Does your current jacket have pit zips for venting? You should only consider jackets with this feature for your weather conditions.
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Re: Lightweight Gortex Raincoat

Post by thinair »

Here's a good review of a good selection of raincoats: ... jacket-men
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Re: Lightweight Gortex Raincoat

Post by LivinGood »

Patagonia Torentshell is a great choice. If you wanna save a few bucks, check out the Marmot Precip line. I used the Precip for years as my primary hiking/backpacking jacket. My girlfriend has been using the Eddie Bauer Cloud Cap jacket for awhile and loves it. Whatever option you choose, make sure it has pit zips. In my opinion Gore Tex can be a bit overrated. I always seem to have breathability issues with it. Again, pit zips can help with that.
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Re: Lightweight Gortex Raincoat

Post by Zipster »

Another vote for Arc’teryx. Quality Gore-Tex gear is one of those things that is worth it even though it is stupid expensive (especially the good stuff). I’ve got a 20+ year old pair of Gore Tex snow pants that are still going strong. They were ~$250 at the time I purchased them.
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Re: Lightweight Gortex Raincoat

Post by Cheez-It Guy »

I would like to post a picture of George Costanza wearing a big Gore-Tex coat, but I can't risk another board warning for distracting graphics.
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Re: Lightweight Gortex Raincoat

Post by livesoft »

Technology has moved on. If you believe your jacket will not be subject to abrasion and other abuse, then you probably want a Gore-Tex Shakedry jacket. Get one now because they will probably not be produced much in the future.
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Re: Lightweight Gortex Raincoat

Post by TrailRunnerPNW »

The Patagonia Torentshell is amazing! Just backpacked 8 days in the pouring rain and snow and it did not leak. The jacket breathed well with heavy exercise. Agree full pit zip are must for a raincoat.

Patagonia has sales a couple times a year on their website - I just picked up this coat for 40% off in February, as they had certain colors on sale.
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