Geox Shoes Wonderful, anyone wear them?

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Geox Shoes Wonderful, anyone wear them?

Post by biasion » Sun Jun 28, 2009 10:05 am

Yup, this is a commercial recommendation. It is a financially disiniterested one, as I have no reason to gain from the Geox corporation. Yet personally, I have found these shoes so good that they literally saved my feet. That's right, with full disclosure I don't stand to gain or lose a cent with the success of Geox shoes, but personally I had such serious health issues with my feet and these shoes cured them.

About 5 years ago as a physician in residency, as a diabetic working very long hours, sometimes 30+ hours without respite in one strech wearing the same shoes, I would come home with my feet soaked. Even before, starting in medical school, I began to have foot problems, callouses that cracked and hurt, severe, itchy foot fungus, terrible rashes. I always took care of my diabetes and despite 3 decades of it never had a complication, but at a certain point I started to entertain the fact that the horrible had happened, that I might have started to suffer my first complication.

Undeterred, I had always approached life with enough Moxie to make my WW2 surviving grandparents proud, I went into denial. Then one day, I saw an article in the Wall Street Journal about Geox shoes, and how they have special membranes that ventilate air and allow your feet to breathe. When I went to Italy on vacation one year, after reading this article and suspecting my problems were due to excessive moisture. Sceptical but hopeful, I bought 2 pairs for 100 Euros each (about 130 dollars a pair). The results speak for themselves! After having gone back from vacation, I did a grueling Intesive Care Unit rotation, working 30 hour shifts every 3rd day and 12 hour shifts in between. I was averaging over 90 hours a week, often working and keeping those Geoxes on me 30 hours at a time straight through. My feet actually got better through that rotation. The rest is history.

I am now an avid consumer of Geox shoes. I don't work that much any more, but I do spend a lot of time working still. I have ZERO problems with my feet. I would buy Geox shoes at 500 dollars a pair, at this point I would say my feet, and my health, are priceless.

I also fell in love with the very Italian creator of them. Ah yes, aside from the fact I can wear them for 30 hours straight and still have totally dry feet, his shpiel is so Italian, I have fallen in love for a second time.... that is of course, after falling in love with my lovely wife! Read this and eat it up, lovers of the Dolce Vita drool. Damn, this is why I work so hard, earn and not piss away money on status symbols, to afford practical, life improving luxuries like this! ... l?emc=eta1

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Post by chaz » Sun Jun 28, 2009 11:14 am

As Mario Moretti Polgato did, you can cut holes in your shoes for ventilation, but now it's easier to buy Geox shoes.
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Post by cinghiale » Sun Jun 28, 2009 11:17 am

I have always favored the Danish Ecco shoes, as they are wonderfully made and easy on the feet. But why not take a look southward to La Bella Italia? (I have to stay true to my avatar!!!) With such a fervent recommendation, the Geox shoes are certainly worth some investigation.

And life is way too short to spend it in crappy shoes.

-- Cinghiale

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Post by tonythered » Sun Jun 28, 2009 11:51 am

Good recommendation, there. What type of socks do you wear with them? Standard cotton, or something with more moisture-wicking?

I am currently looking at new footwear... I do like Hush Puppies for comfort and support at work, the Asics GT2*** series for running, and Garmont boots are fantastic for hiking (though I wish they were a bit more breathable... tough to do with the waterproofing, I guess!). Currently trying to find a good breathable walking shoe with arch support (I have incredibly flat feet).

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Re: Geox Shoes Wonderful, anyone wear them?

Post by DA » Sun Jun 28, 2009 12:59 pm

biasion wrote:That's right, with full disclosure I don't stand to gain or lose a cent with the success of Geox shoes, but personally I had such serious health issues with my feet and these shoes cured them.
SAS shoes, along with custom orthotics (if medically indicated), will also do wonders for your diabetic feet.

They're not cheap but they're very high quality and made right here in the United States.

They won't win you any fashion awards but you'll have very comfortable feet.

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