Sotomayor Details Finances (WSJ article)

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Sotomayor Details Finances (WSJ article)

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The judge listed assets of $31,985 in cash, $1,017,500 in real estate and $108,918 in personal property, against $418,350 in liabilities, including $15,823 in credit-card debt and $15,000 in dental bills. Her residence in a Manhattan apartment building is valued at $997,500.
Too bad nothing is said about her deferred accounts and/or pension.

Maybe not a part of the selection criteria, but 15k in dental bills seems quite high for a healthy individual.
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Reportedly she has a pension valued at $2.5 million.
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Here is an article about this in the NY Times: ... ney&st=cse

She needs to become a boglehead and get a financial plan.
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a pre-emptive locking...