Finding a good commercial realtor?

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Finding a good commercial realtor?

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I need to hire a commercial realtor in a new market for a work project. Anyone can read listings, but I'd like to find a good one, meaning they're very tapped in to the local market & development trends, and that they will learn about my company and what we're trying to do (we have a fairly unique approach to projects like this).

I'm at a bit of a loss about how to do this. So far I haven't been able to get good referrals. I can certainly cruise the internet, but when interviewing realtors I'm not sure what questions to ask that will help discriminate between them. E.g. of course they'll all say that they're local experts and work closely with their clients to meet their needs. Any ideas on how to find and vet a good commercial realtor?
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Re: Finding a good commercial realtor?

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Many of the large known real estate brokerage physical offices such as Red Arrow, etc, have agents that specialize in commercial work. Be sure they do this exclusively and not “just sayin”.
***Contact and talk to the "Principal Broker" (not a salesman or realtor).

Peruse “loopnet” online. Get an account if need be.
You will see a lot of the same signs on local shopping centers and businesses etc. call them.

When vetting the realtor, be sure they are "full time" and in a "top sales volume" category and know the market in your area like the back of your hand, finger on every deal and sale that is on the horizon and not yet listed.
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