In-door Ice Maker - problem/quick fix?

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In-door Ice Maker - problem/quick fix?

Post by Barefootgirl »

I just removed into a home I'm renting. The refrigerator here has an in-door ice maker. The first couple of days, I was able to get a reasonable amount of ice from it (enough for a few glasses) when I press the lever, it only makes a grinding noise and no ice comes out.

I can call my landlord of course, but if I can avoid bothering them, I would prefer that - provided there could be a quick fix?

I have never had one of these ice makers before - have always been a tray kind of person, lol.

Anyone know any tricks to getting the ice to flow again? thanks
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Re: In-door Ice Maker - problem/quick fix?

Post by HereToLearn »

This is a common problem.

Is the ice maker still producing ice? There may be a lever that turns the ice maker on and off.

I gave up using the through the door option years ago and now just open the freezer and take the ice out by hand. Fortunately I am the only person in the house who uses ice. Good luck!
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Re: In-door Ice Maker - problem/quick fix?

Post by lazydavid »

the dispenser is most likely jammed. If the ice maker (not just dispenser) is in the door, open the access panel inside the door, remove the ice tray from it, and see if there is a bunch of ice jammed in the chute below it. Clear that out and you should be good.

Many dispensers, however, actually have the icemaker inside the main portion of the fridge. For those, remove the tray and check the agitator at the bottom of it to see if it is jammed with refrozen ice.
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Re: In-door Ice Maker - problem/quick fix?

Post by galawdawg »

What is the brand? Is the actual ice maker in the door or just the dispenser?
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Re: In-door Ice Maker - problem/quick fix?

Post by life in slices »

I occasionally get some issues with our on door ice maker, and go through the following
1. The occasional jam, I open the door and gently bang on the ice container freeing up the ice to drop it into the crusher/dispenser
2. Once in a while, I will need to remove the ice container, dump what I can into the sink and let the container thaw completely; usually because much of the ice had melted and fused together (I blame that on the kids who open the freezer door and stand there looking at food choices for minutes at a time :))

I think it is a good sign that the motor is working and that likely it is only a jam
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Re: In-door Ice Maker - problem/quick fix?

Post by Watty »

Check Youtube for videos on jammed ice makers.

You can likely pull the tray out that the holds all the ice cube to check to see if there is some water frozen in it that is jamming it. While it is out it would also be good to wash it well.

Most of these parts are plastic and I have had a plastic piece break before. If you can see a something that is broken then let the landlord know so that they will not hold you responsible.

I was able to order the replacement part on the internet for something like $10 or $15 dollars and installed it myself. I might not want to try that with a rental property though because if you break it worse then you might be responsible for it.
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Re: In-door Ice Maker - problem/quick fix?

Post by adamthesmythe »

If ice is not used often enough, it solidifies into a mass that cannot be dispensed. Sometimes it can be broken up sufficiently, (use a robust but not sharp implement) or perhaps a bin can be removed and allowed to melt.

I have one of these and, like a post upstream, I take the ice out of the bin by hand.

I guess I do this because using the dispenser sometimes I was getting ice on the floor.
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Re: In-door Ice Maker - problem/quick fix?

Post by kobbiemandd »

Could also be a broken auger. I had this happen twice. Not real difficult to replace. If there is ice in the tray, it's a fair bet that this is the problem. The auger moves the ice from the tray to the chute. Ir something gets jammed in there they can break because they are plastic.
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Re: In-door Ice Maker - problem/quick fix?

Post by 123 »

adamthesmythe wrote: Mon May 03, 2021 11:46 am If ice is not used often enough, it solidifies into a mass that cannot be dispensed...
+1 Our refrigerator has a removeable ice reservoir on the inside of the freezer door. We don't use the ice dispenser but reach inside the reservoir for ice. We don't use a lot of ice so the ice at the bottom of the reservoir freezes together. I suspect your problem is that the ice about the cranking/agitator mechanism has frozen together. You can remove the tray and remove the frozen together ice by setting it under running water in the kitchen sink so that it soften and you can remove it.

If you use a lot of ice through the dispenser it may work for you. But I suspect you'll find it easier just to reach inside for ice. Even reaching inside you may have to clear the solidified mass of ice every few weeks or monthly.
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Re: In-door Ice Maker - problem/quick fix?

Post by barnaclebob »

Every few days i need to open the door to the ice maker and bang on it to break up the stuck cubes.
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Re: In-door Ice Maker - problem/quick fix?

Post by We're wolves »

make sure the water line to the fridge is turned on. If you just moved in, the landlord may have turned off the water valve to the fridge after the last renter left to avoid the risk of leakage while the property was vacant.
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Re: In-door Ice Maker - problem/quick fix?

Post by Kenkat »

I have an LG and occasionally the ice maker will freeze and no longer create more ice. The cubes are frozen but won’t drop into the ice bin. There is a pretty simple fix for mine (there is a “test” button that will force the tray to dispense) but this will be very brand and model specific.
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Re: In-door Ice Maker - problem/quick fix?

Post by Supergrover »

Hi. Quick comment. I’ve had continuing problems with whirlpool in-door ice. My solutions
1. Get a hair blow Dyer. Turn ice maker off and just heat the lines/wires right around the ice maker...I run it for 5 minutes minimum..just move it all around slowly to defrost any pieces of ice in the line. I got this from the fridge repairman.
2. If yours has the newer optical eye, make sure nothing is blocking that eye.
3. Do not keep freezer at highest temp.

No. 2 n/a for me, but the others really work for me!! Good luck.
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Re: In-door Ice Maker - problem/quick fix?

Post by 3feetpete »

+ 1 on suggestions to remove all the ice and dry out the box.

One other thing to look for is there is a flap below the grinder. If this does not shut, air gets in and causes an ice jam. This requires a repair man.
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