OTA (over the air) EPG (electronic program guide, TV guide).

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OTA (over the air) EPG (electronic program guide, TV guide).

Post by dratkinson »

I've been looking for one for a while.

The short answer: www.ontvtonight.com .

The long answer.

My dumb TV doesn't have an EPG, so I've been watching it through a digital converter box so I could use it's decent 12hr EPG.

After buying a smartphone I've been learning what I can do with it.

Tried several online TV guides before finding www.ontvtonight.com . It's ad-based, but seems to be more useful than most.

Tell it your zip code and it floods you with every available channel in your area.

Register and you can customize what is presented.

Tab: TV Provider. Select OTA, to remove offerings from local cable companies.

Tab: Streaming Services.
--Select yours.
--Reorder them in the way you want to see them presented.

Tab: Channels.
--Select the ones you want to see listed. Omit the ones you don't: shopping, duplicates, too weak to receive,....
--Reorder channels in the way you want to see them presented: movies, sports,....

Individual programs in listing.
--Click on one, and it will open in a new tab containing a program description/synopsis.
--Can set a Reminder to receive an email notification 15 minutes before showtime. (Would need emails forced to you to be useful.)
--Close tab to return to listing.

Tab: Reminders. Edit all of your program Reminders in one place.

Tab: Calendar. A 5-day listing of future broadcast times based on your program Reminders.

I'm trying to limit junk on my phone (identity theft worry), so view ontvtonight's EPG in a web browser, not in downloaded App. Meaning same could be done on a PC.

Edit. Clarity.
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Re: Over the Air TV Guide

Post by KSOC »

Thanks for the tip. I was using TitanTV, but this seems less clunky and I like the streaming channels. I'll use this on my Macbook with our dumb tv. Got a TiVo in the basement TV.
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