Essential kitchen appliances?

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Re: Essential kitchen appliances?

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A crock pot

Yeah there are times when an hour or so focused on making a great dinner is fun and worthwhile but being able to bung a stew in the crock pot and have dinner ready with no fuss is a beauty to behold!
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Re: Essential kitchen appliances?

Post by windaar »

Gas Range
Range hood that vents to outside
Electric oven
Microwave oven
Warming Drawer
Toaster oven
Accessories/Utensils to taste: For me: Cast iron skillets, Non-Stick pans, Hammered Wok, Non-Stick oven bake ware.
Serve it up: Bistro dishes, real silverware, cloth napkins, beer and wine glasses
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Re: Essential kitchen appliances?

Post by livesoft »

I do most of my cooking in a large glass bowl that has a handle, such as this 8-cup one from Target. One can cook/steam veggies in a microwave, cook oatmeal in a microwave, cook leftovers in a microwave, and cook almost anything in a microwave with such a bowl. The bowl becomes a sink to wash things in, too, so that it is trivially washed. The handle is important so that you can pull it out of the microwave without your burning your hands and skin or touching any of the hot parts. It also works for cold things such as making cookie dough, salads, and whatever.

If you have a bamboo or other wooden spoon to go with the bowl, then you can leave the spoon in bowl with the food you are microwaving and use the spoon to eat it.

Of course, this bowl is so simple that chefs and cooks don't use it because they tend to like complicated things such as cast iron pots and pans to telegraph how great they are as cooks.
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Re: Essential kitchen appliances?

Post by InMyDreams »

Mark Bittman, NY Times, who has a small kitchen. His article on kitchen essentials:
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Re: Essential kitchen appliances?

Post by jsapiandante »

Knowing what I know now and if I was still single and living on my own, my essentials would be:

1. Cast iron or carbon steel pan (8-10) inches - cheap and very versatile. Will last forever if you know how to properly care for one. If I had to choose I'd get the carbon steel as it is much lighter.

2. Carbon steel wok - for quick stir fry's. I probably use this about 75% of the time for all my cooking.

3. Non-stick pan (8-10 inches) - for eggs and delicate meats such as fish

4. Stainless steel sauce pan (6-8 quart) - making quick sauces

5. Stock pot (10-12 quart) - use for soups and rice

6. Enameled cast iron pot (dutch oven) - for braising and deep fry

7. Chef's knife (8-10 inches), small bread knife, small paring knife, and peeler.

8. Toaster

9. Microwave

10. Coffee maker

What's a life and time saver is learning to cook in bulk (meal prepping) and doing it all in a day. I cook about 3 meals (3-4 servings each) on Sundays and alternate them between lunch and dinner. Breakfast is a rotation between oatmeal, egg and toast, and cereal.
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Re: Essential kitchen appliances?

Post by dewey »

dsmil wrote: Tue Nov 17, 2020 1:11 pm Cast iron pans. They are cheap, last forever, and the food tastes good. To be very simple, you can just put some oil on whatever you are cooking and stick it in the oven on 350 or so.
+1 and maybe a carbon steel pan too.
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