Picking-up Coins

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Picking-up Coins

Post by gcmesa »

Hello everybody

When you see a coin on the floor or in a parking lot, do you pick it up, and why?
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Re: Picking-up Coins

Post by celia »

Yes, I collect ‘found’ coins.

I have relatives who are runners. They picked up coins while running and saved the state quarters in separate glass jars. When one of them died, there was about $50 in coinage just in those quarters.
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Re: Picking-up Coins

Post by Johm221122 »

I live in the city and take public transportation. Coins always come in handy
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Re: Picking-up Coins

Post by IowaFarmBoy »

Yes. It's free money and I view bending over to pick them up as exercise.
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Re: Picking-up Coins

Post by backpacker61 »

Yes, it keeps me limber and agile.

And my parents grew up in the depression, so I had "thrifty" impressed on me at an early age.

I put them in the console in the car, to use for tips in restaurants, or when paying cash at the self checkout kiosk at the grocery or Walmart.
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Re: Picking-up Coins

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