Buying guns not an option, what else

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Re: Buying guns not an option, what else

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annu wrote: Fri Sep 04, 2020 11:44 pm Thinking about having some form of safety help at home in case of emergency. Not going to buy guns, looking for any other options....

Have been looking at mace, but looks like they are not reliable and have a shelf life. Any suggestions recommendations will be appreciated.
Galadawg and Millenial seem to have the best handle on this. The rest of us just have opinions like the next person. I do want to like the hockey stick idea (I have like 20 of them), but they are a little unwieldy within the confines of a home.

It seems to me that your best bet is a deterrent. That means all of the lights, alarms, locks, etc. you can afford. That will go a lot further than a can of pepper spray or the like.

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Re: Buying guns not an option, what else

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Get some fake adt signs from amazon
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Re: Buying guns not an option, what else

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highly recommend a small shotgun.
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Re: Buying guns not an option, what else

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There is a saying, “God created man. Sam Colt made them equal.” Running away is a good first option. I also agree with the shotgun option.
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Re: Buying guns not an option, what else

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Have your next door neighbors be retired. They don't miss anything. :-) Other than that, good locks on the doors (not big box store) and close/lock windows at night. Don't make enemies.
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Re: Buying guns not an option, what else

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A few sort of random points;

My alarm system has a panic button. At least according to the alarm company, when they call the police and report that the panic button has been pressed will get a much better response from the police. If you have an alarm system that has already gone off and you are still in the house you should still press the panic button to escalate the urgency of the call, and to also lets the police know that a homeowner is in the house.

Have shoes or sandals that you can easily slip on to run away from the house. Also have a flashlight you can grab. You do not want to be running away barefoot in the dark.

A safe room is also an option in some situations. Even a solid bedroom door that locks well can buy you a lot of time.
MillennialFinance19 wrote: Sat Sep 05, 2020 8:21 am Agree with a poster above that a good neighborhood is first and foremost, if possible
And make your house look less attractive to burglars than your neighbors houses.

I would guess that maybe 10 to 20 percent of the houses in my subdivision have signs for alarm systems. (We have one.)

Some also have visible security cameras, which may or may not be fake. Some also have motion sensitive lights.

Guess which would look more attractive to a burglar.
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Re: Buying guns not an option, what else

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I have removed some off-topic posts along with a gun debate issue. Thread has run its course.