Credit Card Charge Dispute Who Generally Prevails?

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Re: Credit Card Charge Dispute Who Generally Prevails?

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nisiprius wrote: Thu Sep 03, 2020 8:15 pm But my impression is that disputing a charge is an excellent way to light a fire under a merchant who seems to be giving you a runaround, or slow-walking resolving a complaint. If my first attempt to get a merchant to resolve a complaint doesn't succeed, I don't waste any more time--going to the credit card company and disputing the bill is my second step.

I used a dispute a couple of times since around June.

In the first dispute, I was trying to resolve the issue with merchant. I ordered something. When it arrived, I opened one of the 8 items. Upon examination, I found that the item was deficient. I immediately contacted them, and I said I want to return the remaining 7 PER THEIR RETURN POLICY. They refused. They kept asking questions, and no matter what I answered, they kept changing the reason.

So, I opened a dispute, and told them about it. Oh, they just about lost it at that point. They sent me a threatening letter claiming that they will take me to criminal court (a concept that does not exist) for making fraudulent claims to my credit card company. Credit card company contacted them 3 times, and on the fourth attempt, they provided an answer: that they DID AGREE with the credit card company finding that in my case, THEY FAILED TO FOLLOW THEIR OWN REFUND POLICY.

In the second case, I ordered something, and per the web page, it stated that in 5-10 minutes, I will receive an order confirmation. I received an e-mail, but I was not careful in reading what it was. After 2-3 days, I checked that e-mail, and it stated that they are working on the order confirmation. I then contacted them on their website, opening a ticket about "missing order". No response. I did this again. No response. Then I called the 800 number on the credit card charge. No answer. About 2 weeks after the original payment, I opened a dispute. About one week after the dispute, I get a response to one of my tickets stating, "Sorry for the delay, the item has been confirmed, and shipping soon". About one week after that, I received the order. About one week after that, I get an e-mail from CC stating that: "Company claims that they have proof that they have shipped". Yea, right. If I had NOT opened the dispute, I would have never gotten the item. Why? Because I am 100% sure they had an IT malfunction, and my order got lost, and once they received the dispute, and realized that they have charged me, but have never shipped.

Of course, I told the CC company that the dispute was useful, and it was the only reason they shipped, and that the company can keep the money. But I did not need a 2-3 hour waste of my time to make sure that company sticks to delivering their orders.

I have a policy now. If I try to kindly resolve an issue on the 1st attempt, and I fail: it is going into dispute.

Disputes are very expensive for companies, and that is the only recourse I have to punish bad customer service behavior.
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Re: Credit Card Charge Dispute Who Generally Prevails?

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I won the dispute. Perhaps my case my stronger or perhaps the merchant never responded. No reason was given, but the charge has been reversed.
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