Don't Understand Allstate's Strategy

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Don't Understand Allstate's Strategy

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Every two years I do a round of insurance quotes for my house and two vehicles. Every time, Allstate's quote is, on a yearly basis, $2,000 more expensive than the others. This time was no exception. I decide on a insurance company and sign up. Job's done, time to worry about my AA and compare VOO with VTI.

But no! Allstate thinks otherwise! They then have a local rep call me repeatedly every few days and say, "the figure we quoted you online is not our best offer, and let's see if we can take find more discounts". I then say, "dude, your quote is $2,000 more than anyone else. I doubt you can discount it down so much." Usually that's the end of it.

But yesterday I got another call. And that guy was, plainly, aggressive. He just went on and on with his script and ignored everything I said, despite me trying to save each other's time and interrupt him. Eventually it got to a 'shouting' match, where I just finally went, "please stop talking!" and then he just instantly hung up.

Now, I was relieved that it ended, albeit very rudely. But I'm just completely perplexed by why Allstate does it like this. Next round of insurance hunting, I'll just not bother with them anymore. It's just downright not worth the hassle.
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Re: Don't Understand Allstate's Strategy

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Agree, sounds like you should stop calling them (which I guess is the actionable takeaway).
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Re: Don't Understand Allstate's Strategy

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Topic is locked (rant - not actionable).