The BH guide to missing tooth

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The BH guide to missing tooth

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I'd like to know your experience with how to handle a missing tooth. I am kind of ignorant on this and want to make sure I get a good value for my money.

For a number of years I've had a sore tooth, especially when chewing on something like steak, or a seed. The pain would be sharp, generally go away quickly. I was told I needed a crown when I was willing to get the work done. Increased pain made me more willing. So I go to see a dentist in the time of Covid, they tell me what the treatment plan would be, needed another appt. At the next appt a month later the pain was pretty bad despite three injections of local, they said I would need a root canal first. They filled in the saw marks with some substance, I recall Fiji # something or other.
I go to see the specialist, pay my money upfront, then get the nerves roto rooted, space filled with something, I assume bleach to kill funk. My follow up to complete the root canal gets delayed due to storms. I eat some cereal one am, feel tooth shift. When I make it back for the follow up, tooth is no longer salvageable, it cracked. I make another appt with dentist #1 to get tooth pulled, a month later. Meanwhile all the Fiji stuff keeps chipping off, the tooth moves, my breath reaks minutes after brushing. I make an appt with an "emergency dentist" get the tooth pulled two days ago. I no longer smell funky.

Tooth was #19. There is one tooth behind it, lower left jaw.

What should I expect next?
Are there options? Are there pros and cons of each?
What are the costs? No coverage here.
What type of dentist due I need?
What if I do nothing?
Am I okay keeping my appt with dentist #1 for 9/24 or do I need to seek help sooner? I think my dentist is not a specialist.
What have you done?

I can't stand being upside down, cant swallow my spit, heart beating away.

Thank you.
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Re: The BH guide to missing tooth

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