Frozen Shoulder

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Frozen Shoulder

Post by Oilcans »

My wife has been suffering with frozen shoulder for several months. Tried physical therapy for awhile until therapist said the therapy wasn't working. Went to surgeon this morning. He said she could try either cortisone shot or surgery.

Anybody go through frozen shoulder and your what was experience with it?
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Re: Frozen Shoulder

Post by runner3081 »

In before lock. No medical advice allowed.
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Re: Frozen Shoulder

Post by delamer »

I had it a few years ago.

Did physical therapy (clinic and at home) which helped, but did not lead to completely recovering full motion.

Over time, though, it got back to about 95% which apparently is typical (meaning that it recovers without intervention).

So it depends on how uncomfortable your wife is as to whether she needs further treatment. I’d give it time before opting for surgery.

Interestingly, my mother had the same problem with then same shoulder at about the same age.
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Re: Frozen Shoulder

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This thread has run its course and is locked (medical advice). See: Medical Issues
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