Florida HOA complaining of Weeds in Lawn

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Re: Florida HOA complaining of Weeds in Lawn

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8foot7 wrote: Sun Apr 19, 2020 10:37 am My disdain of HOAs is well documented -- but I do wish, since we have one, that it would enforce some restrictions on parking 3+ vehicles that belong to the same residence on the street.

Before you say, "maybe there's nowhere to park," this entire neighborhood has three-car garages as well as parking pads to the side of the third garage, so total vehicle capacity just in provided parking areas in each residence is four, and more if you count actually parking more vehicles in the driveway space. And yet I have to dodge an obstacle course of vehicles parked on both sides of the street every time I enter or leave the neighborhood. Couple this with the construction vehicles, vans, service trucks, contractor trucks, etc as the neighborhood is still in final construction and sometimes I feel trapped in here.

One family has an empty third-car garage (it's regularly open and for a period of months it's been completely empty) and yet their sedan is in front of their house every single day, so these are not just guests. Not in the driveway, not on the parking pad, but in the street. Another family regularly parks their third car on the street. Still another family pulls out and parks their car on the street in the front of their driveway, I assume as a gateway to make sure their young children don't venture into the street It is a pet peeve, but it's there all weekend every weekend.

Not only is it annoying to navigate, but I also think it makes the place look junky. I'd rather see yards full of weeds than a streetscape littered with vehicles on both sides of the street. I would love to not have an HOA and would happily accept this scenario as a price of freedom, but since we do have one, I'd love for this to be enforced. Rant off.
Is there a regulation against street parking or do you just wish there was?

If there is one, then send pictures to the board if it’s a problem.

The other issue is public safety, if all the vehicles are blocking ambulance/fire truck/police access.

We’ve had issues with poor/nonexistent yard maintenance (very high grass, collapsing fences, etc.) in a couple neighboring lawns. No action taken by the homeowners in response to complaint letters sent by the HOA. But once we contacted the county about the same problems, those problems were corrected. The difference is that the county can fine the owners while our HOA doesn’t have any financial leverage.
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Re: Florida HOA complaining of Weeds in Lawn

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Your pictures look like a totally normal yard for many areas of Florida where there St. Augustine grass isn’t common. Where my mother lives in southwest Florida, Charlotte County in particular, only the very upscale neighborhoods have mostly good grass without a lot of weeds. It takes a lot of year round watering, chemicals and fertilizing which most people just don’t do. Plus, watering restrictions aren’t uncommon. Commonly the green in many yards is mostly weeds! It seems like the HOA is being picky just based upon the pictures.
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