Recommendations for Portuguese Red Table Wines

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Recommendations for Portuguese Red Table Wines

Post by Strider »

Am looking to expand my wine-drinking experience. Over the years i have enjoyed many red table wines from Italy, France, Australia, Oregon, Napa, Sonoma, and NY (Long Island, Finger Lakes, Niagara).

I know little about red table wines from Portugal or the varietals from which they are made. Would welcome recommendations about such (am not seeking recommendations re Port, about which I already have a favorite label).

Price point: ~$20.00/bottle.

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Re: Recommendations for Portuguese Red Table Wines

Post by Peculiar_Investor »

Having done a week long wine tour in Portugal I would recommend starting your research/education with Douro DOC reds. I've got pretty good tasting notes for a full day wine tasting (15 reds and 5 ports). The photo of our group in front of the empties, with the Douro Valley as the backdrop is a favorite. Upon returning to Canada, the challenge has been finding local supply of many of our favourites.

A couple of our favourites that I've found locally are: Locally they are above your price point, but wine pricing tends to be quite local, so YMMV.

I'll have to do further searching through my Vivino app to see if there are others that I'd recommend.
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I love Portuguese Red Wines

Post by Bogle7 »

Almost anything.
Portugal has 600 grape varieties.
Portugal produces over 3000 wines. (We tried to consume our share whilst on vacation in 2017.)
Very few reach the USA.
Try every one that you can find.

We spent an afternoon tasting wines from Bairrada in a small shop in Coimbra (
We had this pinot noir ( ... 00075.html ) in a wonderful restaurant in Lisboa.
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Re: Recommendations for Portuguese Red Table Wines

Post by Westwing »

We love stepping outside the box also. One of our favorites is Rapariga Da Quinta. Found in my big box liquor store for just under $15. Nice red.
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Re: Recommendations for Portuguese Red Table Wines

Post by Cactuscoug »

"PAXIX" is a Red Blend from Portugal. One of our favorites.

Available at Costco for $6.49.
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Re: Recommendations for Portuguese Red Table Wines

Post by michaeljc70 »

Topo Tinto Red 2018. It is around $10. $20 is a lot for a Portuguese table wine IMO.
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Re: Recommendations for Portuguese Red Table Wines

Post by Tjb »

This post was a nice distraction from the noise. My son is in Portugal now and we plan to visit there someday, I'll try some of these wines to prep and take my mind off the news for a while :happy
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Re: Recommendations for Portuguese Red Table Wines

Post by GeoffD »

I buy Monte Velho, an Alentejano red blend. I pay $80/case. At $6.67/bottle, it’s a really good house red. Somewhat fuller bodied than most cheap Portuguese reds. It has some Syrah and Pinot Noir in it in addition to the traditional Portuguese red grapes so the finish is better than most at that price point. The winery, Esporao, makes a reserve red that is hand picked and oak barrel aged for a year that is quite a bit better but at the price point, it’s not all that competitive. One of Parker’s guys reviewed the winery in 2008 and wrote “The winery is simply terrific at producing nice wines for little money, sometimes to the point where you wonder why you should step up.”
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