ACT Test & Credit Card

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ACT Test & Credit Card

Post by DivesEtPauper »

I'm having an odd issue registering my son for an upcoming ACT test, and I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue - and how they resolved it.

For those who haven't had the "fun" of registering for ACT: They ask a ton of questions, some normal and expected, some needlessly detailed (IMO). At the end of the process, they provide a payment page where you can enter your credit card info. Here's where the trouble is.

No matter what I enter, upon submitting the credit card info, I get a message: "Missing Credit Card Number". I've asked ACT about this, and I was told "ACT’s card processor uses a generic number in the zip code field", so I should try a different card (I tried two different cards), or ask my bank to change their requirements (yeah, right).

I asked if I could just phone in the credit card info and was told "If the card won't process on your end it will not process on our end either due to the very same issues".

Has any one else had this problem? How did you get things resolved?

(Side note: Right after we tried one of the cards, we received a notice from our bank regarding a fraudulent charge attempt on the card - an amount that didn't match the ACT price, but still..... Perhaps it was just coincidence, but it's certainly not making me feel better about this whole process.)
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Re: ACT Test & Credit Card

Post by SchruteB&B »

I didn’t run into that issue when I signed my child up for the ACT recently. My standard advice in these types of situations is to try it on a different computer or browser.
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Re: ACT Test & Credit Card

Post by Kennedy »

Yes, I had a similar issue. I tried to use a certain credit card a couple times, and it just wouldn't process, even though the card was valid. I switched to another card, and it went through just fine.
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Re: ACT Test & Credit Card

Post by Katietsu »

Just throwing out an idea, if you do not have a credit card that works, could you purchase a VISA gift card to use? This must be very frustrating.
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