Websites for last minute travel deals.

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Websites for last minute travel deals.

Post by spartanap »

With our upcoming retirement comes much more flexibility in WHEN we travel. For Bogleheads who travel on the "spur of the moment", what websites do you use to find last minute travel deals?
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Re: Websites for last minute travel deals.

Post by michaeljc70 »

You weren't specific, but for cruises I use They have a 90 day ticker of last minute deals. I have gotten some unbelievable last minute deals. My spouse and I a couple years ago went on a great dirt cheap European cruise we booked on Sunday and left on Wednesday (used miles for flights). Many deals though are a couple months out.

I was surprised for black Friday/cyber Monday, which in general I am skeptical of, the cruise deals available. Mostly in the form of valuable perks.

For general vacations, Hotwire can produce some unbelievable deals for packages. Two friend went to Portugal for 9 nights for a hotel, car and airfare for $900 each. There is some incentive (we don't know from who) that makes adding a hotel and car sometimes the same or cheaper than just the flight. It is hard though to play with. You have to just keep trying different dates and destinations. They wound up traveling to a few places in Portugal paying out of pocket for hotels in some cities even though they had a hotel in Lisbon since it was so cheap.

I would subscribe to TravelZoo and their top 20. They send an email weekly (I think) and there is a wide variety of places domestic and international.
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Re: Websites for last minute travel deals.

Post by flowerpower »

HotelTonight app for cheap last minute hotels
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Re: Websites for last minute travel deals.

Post by JaneyLH »

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Re: Websites for last minute travel deals.

Post by lthenderson »

Almost every airline aggregate site has a deal tab where you can find packaged deals at the moment. Many have ways for you to save flight destinations and email you when the price goes down in case you have someplace specific in mind. We use the latter method quite a bit.
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Re: Websites for last minute travel deals.

Post by bob60014 »

Expedia has some interesting last minute deals.
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Re: Websites for last minute travel deals.

Post by Bitzer »

Where is a good place to look for good deals (preferably not too last minute) on packaged tours? We're interested in a 10 day (or so) vacation to see Rome, Florence and Venice.

We would be interested in a package that would include hotels in each of the cities, rail or bus transportation between the cities, some meals and some group guided sightseeing (such as the Vatican). Flights from USA to Rome could be included or we could arrange them on our own.

We have friends that have been pleased with Rick Steves tours but those, at least at the posted rates, are out of our price range.

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Re: Websites for last minute travel deals.

Post by ZMonet »

Travelzoo, as mentioned by someone else, is a pretty good way to find a package. The issue is that the best deals are often very date limited, or the dates are shoulder or even offseason. I took a quick look and saw this on there. You might be able to find your exact itinerary because I know I've seen that on travelzoo within the last few months.

Book now at
$889 & up -- 8-Nt. Paris, Venice & Rome Trip w/Air & Hotels
$889 & up
8-Nt. Paris, Venice & Rome Trip w/Air & Hotels
Get to see the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Colosseum & Trevi Fountain. Includes flight and train transfer and taxes.
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Re: Websites for last minute travel deals.

Post by anil686 »

Costco travel sometimes has some good last minute deals. They also have buyers choice packages that are often really good values but are “flanking” the travel season to a certain area. For example, the beginning or end of a popular travel season to a certain destination when it is typically school time and thus tour operators, airlines and hotels are willing to discount travel to fill rooms/slots/plane seats/cruise cabins. A good example was the Alaska cruise I took last year with my family - spouse with 2 older teens in high school. The best priced package was a Costco Buyers choice the last week of August - when school is in session for many families but represented a 20% discount on the cruise price with a lot of extras for free including drinks, Wifi and special tour events for Costco members. Hope it helps....
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