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Post by DTalos »

Are the reputation scores of individuals on accurate? How does this website determine a person's reputation score?
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Re: Reputation Scores

Post by Cubicle »

Someone I know with an arrest record has a higher score than me. I've never been arrested (that I know of, or can recall...). So I don't put any faith in those scores.

No idea on their algorithm.
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Re: Reputation Scores

Post by ohai »

When I looked up my friends on this sketchy site, it asked me all sorts of info about them attempting to "verify" it. I am pretty sure they just harvested my answers and added it to their profiles of those guys. The score is probably just some formula of all the (incomplete) info they have on someone.
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Re: Reputation Scores

Post by RickBoglehead »

Scam site. Don't feed it info.
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Re: Reputation Scores

Post by Stinky »

DTalos wrote: Fri Jan 10, 2020 1:07 am Are the reputation scores of individuals on accurate?
It’s on the internet. So it must be true.

(sarcasm intended)
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Re: Reputation Scores

Post by jacksonm »

Yes, this is a scam site. Mine says I have a "possible" criminal record and might even be a registered sex offender. Obviously, they want me to ask WTF and pay the fee so I can get a detailed report.

Hard to believe anybody doing a real background check would take this site seriously.
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Re: Reputation Scores

Post by bob991 »

While most of my information in mylife was correct, my score was not great. Probably because of my association with my ex-wife :) I did not want any potential future employer or anyone else to see the information so I emailed them and demanded that they remove my profile under the pretense of being a victim of stalking, which they did.
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