Ethiopia travel (tour operator recommendation, etc.)

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Ethiopia travel (tour operator recommendation, etc.)

Post by bernoulli » Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:17 am

Fellow Bogleheads:

Been thinking about visiting Ethiopia, trying to decide which tour operator to go with. We had a good experience with G Tour India but would like to consider some local Ethiopia tour operators if possible.

Some specific questions:

(1) which tour operator did you use and do you recommend using the operator?
(2) how many days did you spend in Ethiopia?
(3) pointers for a first-time visitor?

I am looking forward to hearing about your fabulous experience in Ethiopia. Much obliged for any input you might have.

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Re: Ethiopia travel (tour operator recommendation, etc.)

Post by jpsfranks » Tue Dec 03, 2019 12:30 am

I spent two and a half weeks ten years ago around late November on what is often called the "historical circuit", visiting Addis, Aksum, Debre Damo, the Simien Mountains, Lalibela, Gonder, and Bahir Dar/Lake Tana. Travel within the country was a mix of Ethiopian Airlines for the longer trips and local minibuses for shorter lengths. I didn't use a tour operator so don't have a suggestion there. I just booked the flights as needed and arranged the bus rides and hotel rooms on the fly.

I enjoyed it quite a bit, it was a good mix of historical and natural sites, and the weather was pleasant (as I understand it year round due to proximity to the equator). The culture is unique, and as monuments go Lalibela is certainly the awe inspiring highlight, similar to Petra in that regard (FYI it was featured on last night's 60 Minutes if that wasn't the inspiration for your post).

I would have liked to have visited the south if I had had more time.

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