Udacity effectiveness - redirection appreciated

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Udacity effectiveness - redirection appreciated

Post by mystiq » Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:37 pm

Hi All,

I find boglehead a great community where members are eager and willing to help each other even in cases of non-finance also. Encouraged by this I want to ask a career related question. I am having ~20 years exp in wireless software and feeling getting stuck here. Am tired by yearly cadence of so called flagship devices and tolls which it puts on employees. There seems to be lot of work but not much learning. Having seen this I was wondering to switch to more dynamic and upcoming areas like Data science, machine learning, AI etc which promises to (at least to me it seems so) lot of learning and can prepare you for diverse industries. But all the jobs in these fields require some kind of prior exp or they expect you to be recent grad. I am none of those. So was wondering taking coding classes from sites like Udacity, Coding Dojo etc. Has any one gone via this path or knows someone firsthand which has gone via this path and able to enter new field? I know this is very subjective question but still getting to know views on this would greatly help me choose next steps in my career. Also would apprecaite if you can redirect me some other great sites like BH where these questions would be more appropriate and would be answered with sincerity like here. Thanks once again to all wonderful people here!


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Re: Udacity effectiveness - redirection appreciated

Post by Iridium » Sat Nov 09, 2019 1:58 am

I hope that someone can chime in on the path to Data Science, etc.

However, since I am in wireless communications, but never been in cellular, I wonder if that might be a good path forward for you? Cellular is just bizarre with their annual hardware spins. Could you see yourself in cellular base stations, WiFi routers, SATCOM, avionics, or military radar?

I work with a lot of former cellular folks and I can assure you that you are not alone about seeing the annual cadence as an issue. While the cellular folks get all the headlines (and, increasingly, the spectrum :annoyed ), there are lots of thriving applications of your hard earned wireless experience, that is still different enough to offer something to learn.

P.S. Since I mentioned SATCOM, I should be clear that my screen name is just for the element on the periodic table. Has nothing to do with the LEO satellite constellation also named after that element.

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