Atlanta area - relocation, questions

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Atlanta area - relocation, questions

Post by GiannaLuna »

I am a retiring fed govt employee, gleefully exiting the DC area.

It appears I may now need to stay close to the Atlanta area (specifically west and northern area) in order to assist with providing care for a convalescing family member over the next several months to possibly a year.

Please suggest neighborhoods close to the northwest or west of downtown Atlanta that would be amenable to a middle aged person. I like walkable hoods but will also have a car. Local schools are not of any concern to me. Culture and restaurants more so. Also, areas with low crime rates.

I will be sharing the care responsibilities, so I will be able to travel - so being near the ATL airport is a plus.

I have been looking at rental homes and townhouses/condos in Atlanta. Coming from the DC area, I feel like a kid in a candy store. What you get for the dollar in ATL is so much lower than DC. Yes!
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Re: Atlanta area - relocation, questions

Post by McDougal »

I moved into a TH in Vinings 4 years ago and love the area. It closely matches your list of wants (airport, proximity to midtown, etc), but prices have been rising steadily. May be a bit too far north for you depending on specific location of your relative, but you have to drive practically everywhere here. Good luck.
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Re: Atlanta area - relocation, questions

Post by galawdawg »

Where in general is your family member located? Traffic in Atlanta, particularly on the top end perimeter (285) can be really miserable. If you want to be in an area with a low crime rate, I would recommend avoiding the west side of Atlanta and western suburbs and focus on the northern side. The Dunwoody area around Perimeter Mall has many apartment communities, lots of restaurants and shopping and is convenient to MARTA if you want to take the train/subway to the airport. However, it isn't very walkable and with construction on the 285/GA 400 interchange, traffic can be a nightmare if you need to use 285.
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Re: Atlanta area - relocation, questions

Post by Chris K Jones »

I hope you will be happy here. You don't say your age, but Cobb county exempts older people from paying school property taxes. I think it starts at age 62. The Vinings area referenced above is in Cobb County. Property taxes in Atlanta will be low compared to the DC area, but in Cobb, they are even lower. I would also suggest you consider traffic in your decision. I personally like the Perimeter, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs area. None of these are in Cobb county though. None are very walkable either. Best wishes.
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Re: Atlanta area - relocation, questions

Post by niceguy7376 »

GiannaLuna wrote: Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:20 am What you get for the dollar in ATL is so much lower than DC. Yes!
Should it be lower or higher in above sentence?

ATL folks dont talk about distance but only the time it takes to go from Point A to Point B. If you do not need to travel much during the rush hour traffic, the times will be shorter.

North ATL would be Cobb county area in general.
Do not venture onto 400 outside the perimeter (I-285) as that will eliminate the proximity to airport.

If you move to ATL, try to relocate in terms of permanent address and such to get good benefits that the state offers to Active Adults / Seniors in terms of property taxes and state taxation of income.
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Re: Atlanta area - relocation, questions

Post by core4portfolio »

Duluth -- I personally like Duluth for good roads, safety , costco, farmer market, restaurants and many are near by
Driving to airport is hassle as its more than a hour from here
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Re: Atlanta area - relocation, questions

Post by earlyout »

Like most real estate decisions -- location, location, location. You mentioned north and west of downtown Atlanta. From the airport that could be anywhere from 10 to 100 miles so you have to help us by pinpointing your desired location a little closer. Your primary purpose here is to help a family member. Where does that person live and how long are you willing to spend commuting to that location? As an example, if the person is in the area of Piedmont Hospital and you want your commute to be less than 20 minutes, Midtown Atlanta would be ideal for you. Walkable, multiple modes of transportation, entertainment, parks, cultural activities, many and varied restaurants...

Since you plan to rent, property taxes for seniors are not a major concern and the income tax breaks for seniors apply anywhere in the state if you are 62 or over.
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Re: Atlanta area - relocation, questions

Post by megabad »

Atlanta is not a walkable city for any normal person in my humble opinion so I would probably dispense with that notion if you can as it opens up a bunch of possibilities. I think you can survive walking most of the time in midtown and certain parts of buckhead if you don't mind a more expensive lifestyle, but with public transport in the sad shape that it is and the city being so sprawled out, you still need a car quite a bit.

Northwest/west of downtown can be a big area. Some people consider Marietta "northwest atlanta" so I am not sure exactly where you want to be.

The trendier neigborhoods along the 75 corridor to the northwest from downtown are Midtown and Buckhead. Once you get all the way out to Marietta you will be surrounded by suburbs with the usual families/schools etc. All of these areas are super safe in my opinion and have bunches of restaurants/bars, shops/malls, and midtown has one of the best museums anywhere in my opinion, most are also expensive (still I would say maybe 10-30% less than DC trendy areas).

These areas are going to be more condo/apartment/townhome living for the most part if that is ok. The further out you get, the cheaper (way cheaper). Of course you get out to marietta/smyrna and you lose most of what I would call "culture". But it is just a short drive in at any time other than 6-10am or 3-7pm.

I lived in both DC and ATL and I would say the traffic is about the same in both unless there is snow. The airport is probably 15 mins from downtown at anytime other than 3-7 pm, 30 mins from 3-7 pm. From NW Atlanta (perimeter), the airport is maybe 30 mins no traffic and 1 hr 30 mins with traffic for comparison.
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